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Invasive species training for farmer's market managers

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Hi all,

The Lake St. Clair CISMA and GiLLs CISMA and our local MDARD Plant Health Inspector hosted a training last month for farmer's market managers on invasive species they might see at their market. This came up because last year a vendor was selling Japanese knotweed at Detroit's Eastern Market as food (the shoots). While we didn't have a great turn out at this event due to snow, farmer's market managers seemed very interested in the topic thus I wanted to post the idea and materials here in case anyone else wants to try it! I've included a brochure with the top 4 invasives that might be an issue (based on our discussion with our local Plant Health Inspector), MDARD contacts and CISMA contacts. We did record the meeting, so I'll post that link when available, too. Let me know if anyone is interested in the slides (I'm guessing they are too large to post here). Thanks to McKenzi, Patrick and Amy Kennedy from MDARD for working on this!




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Hi all, 

I wanted to share the rack card we produced this year as well. This is editable and has been approved by our MISGP contact and MDARD, so feel free to edit and share! One version is designed for print and the other for web use (has hyperlinks). You can set-up a free Canva online account (it's a really useful program for creating outreach materials). 

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