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Garlic Mustard - too late to pull this year?

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So...I just found out that the beautiful, very prolific flower that is all over our 12 acres of woods is garlic mustard.  Yikes!  It has already bloomed.  Please see attached files for the condition of the plant heads.  My question is, is it too late to pull this year?  Have the seed already released? Or are the seed pods still forming and there is still time?  Or is there a benefit to pulling even after the seeds have released in order to stop the roots from further destroying the soil.  Help!

Garlic Mustard 1.jpg

Garlic Mustard 2.jpg

Garlic Mustard 3.jpg

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The good news is that the seeds are still green and tight in their siliques (those long thin pods)--you can pull!  Be sure to bag it and send it to a landfill or tarp a big pile on-site (or other disposal options) so those ripening seeds don't escape.

Once the seeds are brown and dry, the siliques will open up when you pull the plants; at that point, it's no longer a good idea to pull the plants because of the risk of spread.


Thanks for your sharp eyes and dedication to habitat!

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