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CISMA Planning Application

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Andrew Laws, who some of you might remember was involved with the BCK CISMA way back in 2016 has been working on a project as a GIS student at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE. He has developed a mapping application using MISIN data.

From Andrew: The purpose of the application is to show invasive species sampling densities, highlight areas of need, and to encourage CISMAs in Michigan to work with school districts on getting students involved in invasive species mapping. It involves analysis on census tracts and normalizes them by population and economics. His aim is to identify areas that may be under represented by sampling so far and create maps for the CISMAs to inform them of these areas. Furthermore, Andrew wishes to focus in under sampled and economically lower census tracts to identify the school districts in those areas. With this information, Andrew would like to identify opportunities for the local CISMA to engage with these schools in some citizen science by having students in combination with CISMA staff do surveys for invasive species.

The project can be found here: https://andrewroylaws.github.io/cisma_planning_app/

Any feedback you may have, please feel free to contact Andrew directly (andrewroylaws@gmail.com)

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