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Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch

Jo Latimore

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Did you know that Michigan has a statewide, volunteer aquatic invasive plant monitoring program for inland lakes?

The Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch is a component of the MiCorps Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program. The DEQ recently released this video (co-starring me - yikes!) that describes the program, gives identification tips for focus species, and provides an overview of the mapping and reporting process. We're looking forward to integrating with MISIN in the coming months. 

I'd be happy to provide more information on the program for anyone who is interested. 

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Great news Jo!  So far the Exotic Aquatic Plant Data from the 2015 lakes has been submitted and entered into MISIN!  The species on the EAPW watch list are Eurasian-water milfoil, Starry Stonewort, Curly leaf pondweed and Hydrilla -- but all enrolled EAPW participants were provided with and made aware of the Statewide AIS plant list.  Pretty soon the 2014 and 2013 data will be uploaded and added to the MISIN site too!   

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