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Shaun Howard

2016 Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program (MISGP) and CISMA Strategic Plans

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As described in the 2016 MISGP Handbook, CISMAs applying for funding will receive 20 additional points if their project proposal includes the development or implementation of a strategic plan.  Attached at the bottom of this post (and also located in forum Downloads) is an example of such a plan developed by the Michigan Invasive Species Coalition.

In very general terms, a strategic plan should align clear focus at a high level on desired goals and outcomes, and then more explicitly define the strategies (and associated activities) that would be used to achieve those goals and outcomes.  In other words, a rough strategic plan outline would look like this:

1. Goals (why you want to carry out the work; the highest level "desired condition" if all work is implemented and outcomes are achieved)

2. Outcomes (what you hope to accomplish in a longer-term timeframe; not quarterly updates, but rather the 1-5 year results of work)

3. Strategies (what are the collective set of activities you will employ to reach your outcomes)

4. Activities (the specific items that, when carried out within the framework of a particular strategy, which will achieve your desired outcomes)

While this format has been used successfully in the past, please note that it is by no means the "required format" for an organizational strategic plan.  I would suggest when developing new (or reviewing existing) guidance documents, ask yourself if it clearly defines "where you want to go", "why you want to go there", and "how you plan to do it".

Further questions/discussion welcome in this thread!

MISC SP v6.docx

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