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CISMA Database Creation

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The BCK CISMA is in the early phases of creating a database to track all of the surveys, treatments, landowner information, parcels, etc. in our CISMA. How have you been going about creating this? We are currently in the process of figuring exactly which fields to include and its general setup so any advice would be gobbled up like candy. 

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WRISC is also in this same phase!  We just created a QGIS "database" that we are using this year.  Right now it's just a few shapefiles, but we are learning a lot and will be working more on it after the field season.  We have a point shapefile populated with MISIN data which we added additional attributes to including: Landowner, Landowner contact info, Permission (ie. has the landowner given us treatment permission, is it pending, etc), Treated, First Year treated, Last year treated, Treatment method, Status (this allows us to easily sort it in GIS by locations we plan to treat, need to contact landowners, have treated, etc.).  For treatment details we have a separate polygon shapefile.  Each time we do a treatment we draw the treatment area as a polygon and then enter the details.  We plan on keeping a separate shapefile for each treatment year.  We don't currently have a system for tracking survey efforts since that can run the gambit from hundreds of miles of road surveys to individual properties or infestations.  If you want to talk more email me at wildriverscwma@gmail.com, but I might not have much time until after the field season. 

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