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Had a couple JK pictures that I thought people might want for presentations or outreach. There are four pictures of JK growing up into someones basement and one picture of JK growing under someones siding and coming out at the top of the house. The last picture is of a JK leaf that we found on a patch that was treated last year. It appears two leaves have fused together to make a cup with a third leaf growing in the middle. Thoughts on this?



JK House.JPG




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I've called Best Way Disposal and sent them some information. They said they have 'rejection notices' they can leave on the carts saying why it was rejected. I suggested they add a line/box for knotweed for the future, with a little explanation/direction. The danger we might run into is that if people can't send it somewhere, they'll start dumping, which could make the problem worse. So, there will need to be a path/directions for disposal set up before or con-current with implementation of rejection of the material.

Stop Knotweed at the Curb.jpg

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Utility lines are a great place to find knotweed. (I'm still waiting for pictures from BCK CISMA of a Consumer's Energy Site that the company keeps driving their truck through. I heard it was awesome (in a bad way)).


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A few more from an alley in Kalamazoo, the power station near the senior center in kzoo, growing through a car, between utilities (in the UK there's some pics of it growing in the wiring and disrupting services), at a "No Dumping" Site where it was dumped and took off, and swallowing a house.





JK growing through Kalamazoo car 3.JPG

Knotweed spread Air Conditioner Fraternity kzoo.JPG

No Dumping ignored- riverbank kzoo.JPG

taking over house.jpg

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