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  1. JK Pictures

    Variegated knotweed, one years growth
  2. 'Bamboo' Summit 2.0 (Knotweed)

  3. National Parks I.S. Data

    I belong to a National Parks Employee Group on Facebook. I asked about knotweed in the parks and they've given me some resources to look into what the National Parks are doing for invasive species monitoring and treatment. Here's the links: There's also one called "PUPS" that you have to be a ranger to have access to, but maybe you can call in favors if you need to
  4. Buckthorn Baggies? Any success with these? Any other species they might work on?
  5. Knotweed Info Links

    Wonderful! 2015 Harper's Magazine Article: Day of the Knotweed (pretty much the whole story in one article)
  6. JK Pictures

    Found this building in Kalamazoo 6/24/17! If anyone wants to know the address, message me!
  7. "Cover Crops" for invasive spread prevention

    Someone in Pittsburgh PA said they had success with pumpkin in 2014. I followed up with them and they said the success was short lived and knotweed has taken over the hillside again. (Just in case anyone suggests pumpkins )
  8. Knotweed Info Links

    I'm turning up some great stuff and want you to be able to access it too! Cornwall Council- PDFs for almost every job that could encounter knotweed Environment Agency's Knotweed Code of Practice (the first couple pages are changes, the pretty pictures and flow chart are after that ) (check out the Dendro Scott root barrier use!) 2010 Article by Dr. John "Professor Knotweed" Bailey Dr. John "Professor Knotweed" Bailey's UofL informative webpage (he retired in 2014, I'm trying to find current contact info) Dr. John "Professor Knotweed" Bailey's 2016 Invasive Weed Conference presentation to Property Care (How deep do you want to go?) I'll post more as comments as I come to them. Happy reading!
  9. 'Bamboo' Summit 2.0 (Knotweed)

    Some of us in Southwest MI are talking about having a knotweed conference in the fall/winter. Nothing official yet, but we were thinking of having it be a joint CISMA venture, meeting somewhere in the middle of the Southwest (between St. Joe, Grand Rapids, and Lansing). It's going to take some brainstorming, because we'd like to include concurrent breakout sessions for the different groups that might be interested in attending. Nor had some great suggestions, but we could always use more ideas for topics and recommended speakers to deliver the goods! We're still working out how 'big' we want this to be, and a venue, and all that. And we do still have a lot of questions that need to be answered from the municipal standpoint. I've spoken with a friend who works at the Road Commission of Kalamazoo and heard about some of the roadblocks for them in the advice I'm dispersing. This plant is going to change everything, so the easier we can make it for the municipalities to institute some of these changes for the sake of prevention, the better it will go. If you can offer any help or suggestions or stories from your experience, please share it here. If you want to be part of the serious planning, let me know and I'll send you a link to our "Treehouse". Thanks!
  10. Japanese Knotweed Season 2017

    So far this year I've been contacted at my city job by more people than last year, TOTAL, and a lot of them are sounding desperate and wore out. The knotweed IS spreading. Some of us are trying to put together a knotweed conference, so I'll start a new thread for it. But I still insist that knotweed can be your vehicle to reach people about invasive species across the board. It hits people in their pocket books, it got here because it was 'pretty', and people are moving it without knowing. Perfect examples
  11. Japanese Knotweed Season 2017

    I've seen people trying the "tarp" method... but not realizing it doesn't work when there are fences around...
  12. Japanese Knotweed Season 2017

    I've also found it en route to Compost Facilities...
  13. Japanese Knotweed Season 2017

    and then it started running...
  14. Japanese Knotweed Season 2017

    And then there was the frost kill...
  15. Japanese Knotweed Season 2017

    You've probably noticed, it's kinda crazy out there this year...