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  1. I had a few sites this year that the landowner preferred injection, but the stems were too small to inject. Most of these landowners understood and were so happy treatment had seemed to be working, that they were okay with a foliar treatment this year. However, another option would be a cut and fill the stem cavity (recommend using a pipette).
  2. I had always used Solo in the past, but this year as a small experiment I purchased one Jacto, one Field King, and one Stihl backpack. The only one I have personally used has been the Stihl. I have thought about testing the others, but so far I really like the Stihl. I messed up when ordering the Jacto and got one make with a dark blue plastic, which is going to make it harder to see how much chemical it has in it. There was also some assembly required with the Jacto. No comments yet on the Field King, but I will try to update this once I have used them all.
  3. Hi Shelby, I have not done treatment on crown vetch, but if glyphosate isn't working I would try triclopyr. https://www.entm.purdue.edu/iisc/pdf/plants/more/crown_vetch.pdf
  4. Last winter my monitoring crew member Emily tried to look up all the nurseries and landscape companies in the Saginaw Bay CISMA counties. Attached is an excel file of what she found. Hope this is still helpful Nursery and Landscape Company List.xlsx
  5. Not from the trip or the best quality, but a close up of the flowers might be helpful
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