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  1. That's encouraging. I'm looking for clarity on the concentration used with Clearcast for cut stem. When I've used aquaneat alone for cut stem, I've used 25%-50%, vs the usual 2%-4% for spraying and it is relatively cheap to use even at high concentrations. Clearcast is usually 5% volume-to-volume for spraying, so 6.4oz/gallon. At $300/gallon, spraying it is expensive enough. I can't imagine using it straight for cut stem given the price. So I'm looking for confirmation that the cocktail used for cut stem is the same as that used for spraying: that is, 5% Clearcast v-to-v, 1.5% aquaneat, and so
  2. Any update on this? I'm curious about using the Clearcast cocktail as a cut-stem application. Are you using the same concentration as for spraying?
  3. I've been working on a couple of small patches in Keego Harbor in Oakland County with hand removal, with the results of the Lake Minnetonka study in mind, which indicates that really meticulous hand removal can be very effective. In September 2016 I recorded that I removed 5 large heavy bags from a particular site that also has cattail and other emergent plants. I used a spading fork to loosen the soil. There were a lot of floating bulbils to capture, including old 'nests' of brown ones, and I used a kitchen sieve or colander to capture them. For the same site in 2017 I removed only 1 lar
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