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I had a question in my inbox about tracking expenses/match from partners, so I thought I'd share what I have.  Others should absolutely do the same--better options are probably out there!

I've attached 3 documents to this post:

  • A "cover sheet" for match reporting (could easily be adapted for expense reporting too) where the partner totals up their applicable in-kind (and would then of course attach any other necessary documents like receipts).
  • A "match tracking" excel sheet that I use for soliciting match (hence the columns about whether they've been contacted) and keeping track of what has been reported to me; I keep notes about what is promised, what is received, and how the match is progressing.
  • A "budgeting" excel sheet.  I'm lucky enough to have a Finance Coordinator at GTCD who handles the QuickBooks and official stuff, but I keep track of ISN's grant spending separately (and then we compare each month) to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.  It's a bit more detailed than the DNR sheet, which I like.

I put a few fake entries in each sheet so folks could see how the sheets work.  Using them should be just a matter of replacing the dummy stuff I put in there with items and amounts applicable to your work!  Formulae can be dragged down as needed to keep track of remaining balances, for example.  Feel free to shoot me questions.

I prefer to keep track of Match & Spending separately, but I'm sure some folks don't; does anyone have an integrated sheet to share?  Other ways that work for people?


Budget tracking example.xlsx

Match tracking_example_real.xlsx

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