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2019 Summer Field Trip

Drew Rayner

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Attached are the documents from the 2019 Summer Field Trip to include all of the notes taken by Ryan. In addition to the notes, Claire provided the following links for help with MISIN treatment tracker. Feel free to let Nick Cassel or myself know if you have any questions.



Group work NOTES.docx CISMA_summer_training_8_2019.pdf DAY 2 MGMT WRAP UP and DATA.pptx DNR UP CISMA Training Aug2019.pdf Group work NOTES.docx HERBICIDE_APPLICATION_PREP.pptx Invasive knotweed ID - short.pdf Invasive knotweed ID.pdf MAPPINGandSURVEYING_notes.pptx

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Oops, spoke too soon and found it myself. :) For anyone else curious...

Reg. 637, Rule 4 [R285.637.4(l)] requires the name of the licensed application firm and either the address or telephone number or USDOT census number, printed or affixed to the exterior of the vehicle used to transport a pesticide, and legible, visible, and in typeface 3 inches or higher.

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