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  1. Hi Lindsey. We use the FS 131 (I'm pretty sure) by Stihl and have had good luck with those, so I imagine the higher power ones will work even better. We've also had better luck with the forester/chainsaw style brush blades compared the the standard blades that it usually comes with. Not sure if that's an option you have when purchasing stuff through this grant but it might be worth considering if you're going after larger stuff like buckthorn, autumn olive, etc. Always exciting to get new equipment! Hope this is at least somewhat helpful for you.
  2. The Central Michigan CISMA is seeking a full-time coordinator. Applications are due by February 28th, 2021 with a proposed start date of April. Please contact Megan Garrett at 989-414-2237 with any questions. CM-CISMA Coordinator 2021.pdf
  3. Hello all, I am wondering how others have addressed putting out job postings before receiving funds. We have applied for a GLRI grant which would consist of summer help and want to be able to start as soon as we receive the award. Therefore, I want to start the hiring process before hand and was hoping for some insight on how people have approached this. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the thoughts Katie! I did consider using a bobcat. So they actually pulled it up? Not chopped it, like with a forestry mower? My concern, be it by a river bank, is that if we kill back a majority of the vegetation in the area at one time, that the river bank will be susceptible to erosion; even if we come back and do plantings...
  5. Hello all, I recently survived a forest site that has been overtaken by oriental bittersweet. I have never managed for this plant and am curious of what others have done for larger scale projects like this. The site goes along a river bank, in which some bittersweet is creeping down. My thought was controlling along the river first (as to stop the spread down river) and then move inland and/or to outlier spots. Any thoughts or directions you can point me in are appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Gotcha, thanks for the information. Yay for 2020! The area I have noticed it in seems to be random. Not necessarily specific to forest ground or field. But may have to try and start a treatment of some sort for it. Thanks again!
  7. I have recently had an inquiry about "cudweed." I wasn't given any more information regarding the specific "cudweed" as a I know there are a few varieties. I am curious if anyone has dealt with treating cudweed. It seems that herbicide is the best option, unfortunately and not surprisingly... But a non-herbicide treatment is desired if possible. Some sites seemed to contradict whether or not hand pulling is effective. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the reply Katie; I assumed it would be a similar treatment from what I gathered. I take it it has not been seen as a large issue to have to act on treating it?
  9. Hello all, curious if anyone has dealt with Hedge parsley. This has been a "new find" in our area that may have always been here and we didn't realize what it was. I am curious if anyone does treatment for this plant and what advise you have for it. I am quite certain it is hedge parsley and not cow parsley, as it is in flower right now and that seems to be the biggest identifying factor. Thanks!
  10. Hello all, I received these pictures asking for ID. I am thinking that it is Dame's Rocket but am looking for a confirmation. Some characteristics make me think it is and some make me think it is not... The first two pictures are the same plant, the third picture is a different plant. Thanks!
  11. Hello all, I have created a MISIN tutorial video to show the steps from start to finish of creating and using the MISIN app for event that I did. Please feel free to provide any feedback you have and use it however you would like!
  12. Hello, I am working on building up my library of books to have at events or to use in the office. I am wondering what native plant/tree books people have loved using? I can often say if a plant is invasive, but it is nice to be able to tell someone if it is native as well, or be able to recommend some native plants. Any suggestions are appreciated, even if they are online resources. Thanks!
  13. Hello! I have had the idea thrown around about selling shirts to the public for our CISMA. Has anyone done this? If so, what has your success been and what are some tips that I should know. Thanks!
  14. Hello, I am interested in hearing how you have dealt with road commissions. More specifically, what permits do you hold that you allow the road commission to be under as well? Where have you gotten funding to treat right-of-ways? What decontamination practices have you discuss with them/how do you get them to do decon practices? In what ways have you gotten them to not mow invasives/what was their response? Any information you have on working with road commissions will be helpful. Thank you!
  15. I am curious if anyone has heard much about or dealt with European Spindle Tree. One of my partners has found some on their property and was curious as to what others have done with it or know about it.
  16. I am exploring the option of using newspapers for another realm of outreach. I am curious what people have experienced with it. What types of things have you submitted? Do you feel like it has been beneficial? Do you have an agreement with the newspaper on price or do you pay the normal price for each entry. Any experience you have to give on this topic is appreciated!
  17. Hello all, I am working on setting up a protocol for determining who should be on the CISMA Steering Committee. Currently my Steering Committee has been made up of whoever is interested in the CISMA, which is great. However, as our partners continue to grow I am trying to determine the best way to decide who should be on the Steering Committee and the process of "electing" them to be on it. My current thoughts on structure are up to 15 people, with at least one representative from each county, and a variety of partner types (road commissions, conservancy, etc...). But how do you determine these people. Any thoughts you have and information on how your CISMA is structured would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  18. Thank you for all of the resources from this day and again for the work everyone put in to make it possible! Is it possible to get the "Detailed Herbicide Treatment Information Sheet" and "TSCISMA Monitoring Form" from the HERBICIDE_APPLICATION_PREP.pptx? I know at least the one is from Nick. Thank you
  19. Hi Katie, thank you for the information. Do you have more information about what you used for stem injection? Thanks!
  20. Hello! I am looking into different ways people have treated Japanese Knotweed, more for a large scale area but am curious about smaller areas as well. I am curious if there have been any new findings that I may be missing, other than the DNR page: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/knotweed_BCP_372280_7.pdf. Thanks in advance for the input!
  21. I am in the same process and would love to hear some feedback on this. I planned to get a few extra needles, but there are a few types and was curious on the best ones to get/most useful ones.
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