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Backpack Sprayer Experiences

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I'm wondering what brands folks have experience using with backpack sprayers. The last thread on this was from 2016 and we have a lot of new people with new experiences, so I thought I would ask again! We've always had Solo backpacks which tend to have a leaking issue both from the nozzle and from the lid. I'm looking to purchase some new sprayers in the near future, and would like to hear about some other brands and people's experiences with them. Thank you!

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I had always used Solo in the past, but this year as a small experiment I purchased one Jacto, one Field King, and one Stihl backpack. The only one I have personally used has been the Stihl. I have thought about testing the others, but so far I really like the Stihl.  I messed up when ordering the Jacto and got one make with a dark blue plastic, which is going to make it harder to see how much chemical it has in it. There was also some assembly required with the Jacto.  No comments yet on the Field King, but I will try to update this once I have used them all.

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We use Jactos. They are very well made, and we have not had any problems with them. Solos do not hold up. The one time we had a problem with a Jacto, we called their customer service and the company was excellent about providing a free replacement.

Ours are the blue plastic, which we do not have a problem with seeing what is left in it.

We also have a couple of their self oscillating models. Which are great if you are using Escort, since you either need to continuously oscillate or use ammonia as a carrier with that chemical.

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