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CISMA Participation in Local Schools - Classroom Resources

Vicki Sawicki

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NCCISMA is putting on a workshop for a statewide educators conference. I will be presenting what NCCISMA has done in classrooms, but wanted to also include what resources are available through other CISMAs in Michigan.

Its short notice for my presentation, taking place 9/27/19, but would be interesting to see what everyone is doing with their local schools anyways.

Hoping some of you see this before the 27th though.

Here's what NCCISMA has done in classrooms. I will include more details once we have them typed up.

  • Manual control workdays - Garlic Mustard Pulls
  • Invasive species identification walking tours
  • Native vs. Invasives outdoor active game
  • MISIN reporting Contest
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Hi Vicki, 

I already sent you what ISN has available but for others, I created an invasive species curriculum that can be found on ISN's website. It includes a general lesson plan that can be adapted for both indoor/outdoor use and various age levels. I will try and upload the actual files to the forum as well. This is a great topic to discuss as I'm always looking for new ideas as well! I'll be looking forward to seeing what others have done. 


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