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Hello all, curious if anyone has dealt with Hedge parsley. This has been a "new find" in our area that may have always been here and we didn't realize what it was. I am curious if anyone does treatment for this plant and what advise you have for it. I am quite certain it is hedge parsley and not cow parsley, as it is in flower right now and that seems to be the biggest identifying factor.



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We have some up north, though we haven't worked very hard on it yet.  Apparently treatment is similar to garlic mustard:  pull before seeds or try glyphosate or triclopyr sprays.  Our reports from volunteers are similar to garlic mustard too:  thick patches are harder to knock back (and an ebb-and-flow of dense and lighter years), and smaller ones may be "won" in a few years.

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It's in a weird grey zone for us.  It's technically an EDR species in our region, but it also seems to be growing exclusively in road ROWs and not spreading into higher-quality areas.  We're encouraging removal.  We were hoping to have a better handle on our actions this year... but it's 2020.

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