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Lowe's "SpringFest" Seed kits

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Recently, Lowe's started a "SpringFest" campaign that includes free garden kits each Thursday this month. Unfortunately, a lot of these programs, historically, have included general "wildflower" seed packets which sometimes include problem species, such as baby's breath or some species of forget-me-nots. I reached out to the PR team and got a pretty good response. Though the seeds do include some that are non-native/naturalized, it largely avoids invasives. Additionally their "tree give away" is sourcing local Michigan red pines, which is such a better step then the general programs which provide the same species across their entire service area! I know a few years ago there were questions about a similar Cheerios promotion, so I wanted to get ahead of this one!

Seed balls are either: 
Red corn poppy, lanceleaf coreopsis, purple coneflower, or wild cosmos 
Wildflower Seed Mix includes: baby blue eyes, black-eyed susan, candytuft, catchfly, corn poppy, English daisy, five spot, gloriosa daisy, scarlet flax, Siberian wallflower, sweet william pinks, tall spurred snapdragon, zinnia.

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