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Knotweed treatment methods handout

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Last week the SW x SW Corner CISMA coordinated a Japanese Knotweed Symposium, and I wanted to share one of the handouts that we passed out to attendees on JK treatment methods and sprayer calibration. Huge thanks to all that shared their info (Katie Grzesiak, Leslie Kuhn and Ardie Roth) used to create the document, and special thanks to Leslie for a LOT of editing, input and  and developing the sprayer calibration methods.

Feel free to share!


JK treatment methods_sprayer calibration.pdf

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Thanks for sharing the article - very interesting!  I am FAR from an expert, but what I've read and heard is that it's the stem and root fragments that can re-sprout (and I've heard that fragments the size of a fingernail can resprout; which if true would mean mowing would be a great way to spread it around!)

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MNFI has a great guide to BCPs https://mnfi.anr.msu.edu/invasive-species/JapaneseKnotweedBCP.pdf

It explains that JK propagates via stem and root material, and potentially by seed. The rhizome network is immense and mechanical removal is almost impossible.

Anecdotally, some of our partners have had luck carefully trimming, collecting, and bagging stems and leaves then hitting with an herbicide to tackle the rhizomes.

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I just found this knotweed Code of Practice from the Environmental Agency of the UK. It's a download document, and the first couple pages are 2013 changes. Word in the newspaper articles I'm reading is that the UK is tightening the belt and starting to REQUIRE the "knotweed removal companies" to adhere to the codes because so many make a quick buck and make the problem worse. So more changes may be coming.


More info here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/prevent-japanese-knotweed-from-spreading

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I had a question about the Japanese Knotweed Treatment document shared by the SWxSW Corner CISMA at the top of this thread. I see that it shows Cygnet Plus by name as the surfactant for glyphosate stem injection. Would another surfactant such as DuoStick Select work for this or is it a pretty specific formulation? 

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