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I have been developing a simple invasive species curriculum and would like to make it available to all. It is a nice tool to have when going into schools or teaching stand-alone lessons to children. I have also found it to be easy to change depending on the age group you are presenting to! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have - ecook@gtcd.org or (231)941-0960 x20. 

*Please note that some of the activities the curriculum refers to can be found on our website: https://www.habitatmatters.org/education.html

Invasive Species Curriculum.pdf Invasive Species Curriculum PowerPoint.pptx

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I was looking for an activity for 5th graders who are learning virtually. I saw ISN's Invasive Species Escape Room that thought it was great, but might be too advanced for the group I am working with. 

I also found Invasive Species Council of British Columbia has a game that for younger students. It is cool that all the game "challenges" are choices they could make. For example, clean off your life jacket and don't let pets lose in the wild. Even if you don't read all the information the game provides, you still get the take home messages. It also has multiple levels of difficulty, so playing a few times wouldn't be boring. 


I didn't see this on the forum yet, so I figured I would share.

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