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boot brush station recommendations and signage

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Hi All,

I have a partner who wants to put up a boot brush station, and I'm wondering if there is any recommendations for purchasing pre-built stations, or designs for making them. Also, are there any signs that people have already made that KISMA could modify and use for the boot brush area?

Thank you in advance for time and thoughts.

Hope everybody's summer is going well.



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We have always purchased bootbrush station hardware as a kit; we've only found them through EnviroSigns and Best Exhibits, but I encourage you to keep searching (and let us know if you find someone else)!  We've purchased them in some bulk (30-40) to keep costs low.  If you only need one station, it might be worth making your own, but we've really appreciated the ready-to-assemble nature of the kits.  I'm attaching our how-to-install document (from the Downloads section) to give you an idea of what all goes into a station--the kits just include the metal bits, hardware and/or sign, and we've purchased the lumber, gravel, etc. separately, though there may be more complete kits out there.

As for the sign itself, ISN made one that could be re-branded pretty easily with a 6x2" logo (or logos) in the upper left corner.  It's also available in Downloads.
I believe PlayCleanGo also has a sign you could use and/or modify if KISMA is a partner.

Our total costs (sign printing, kit purchase, misc. supplies purchase) per station has been between $300 and $400, depending on how many we order; if only one is ordered, costs are likely to be significantly higher.

Good luck!


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