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General Public Awareness Signage - Forest clearing/invasive under-growth removal

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Hi all,


Is anyone aware of good general (non-site specific) public signage for invasive shrub removal? What I've heard is that the public has lot of questions about why the forest and brush is being cleared away and I was curious if anyone was aware of printable signage that could be laminated or distributed to others and set at a site for general public awareness. Perhaps something that is general enough to be set up for various species and/or locations? 


I was thinking on the inclusion of QR code to a general website resource: 

This site has some relevant information for public awareness of thinning and invasive shrub removal, but is a case study: https://www.cullennature.org/restoration.html

And this site was interesting and provided some of the why, but is a story map specific to honeysuckles: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/6aa346fe0dc54f86a59c0f3864af9f20


Let me know if you are aware of something along these lines!


Patrick Canniff (He/Him/His)
Oakland County CISMA Coordinator
Phone: (248)882-8643

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On 3/14/2023 at 4:07 PM, Katie Grzesiak said:

I don't know of a resource like this, but maybe a CISMA has made one?  Or perhaps an informative treatment (as used for other treatments) sign could be adapted.  @Audrey Menninga @Vicki Sawicki @Elise Desjarlais @Shaun Howard @Shikha Singh any ideas?

Unfortunately I don't have any signage examples, but maybe browsing around/reaching out to https://woodyinvasives.org/ would help to see if they're aware of any?

I saw an excellent presentation at this years Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference on using AR/VR for this exact type of public information program in a tree thinning project.  Granted, that type of project may be beyond the scope of what you're trying to do, but maybe connecting with the presenter is worth a shot to see if they have any other thoughts on more traditional informational materials?  It was:

Comparing Acceptance of Invasive Species Management Across Augmented and Virtual Reality Messaging - Ingrid Schneider*, Brett Rannow, Angela Gupta, Matthew Russell, Marcella Windmuller-Campione, University of Minnesota.  Program link here - http://www.umisc.net/uploads/1/0/7/5/10750703/umisc_program.pdf - page 31.

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