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Sorry Kip, we don't have any up here; all the internet searching I've done comes up with really similar results.  I remember attending a site visit in the Saginaw area to see some flowering rush in 2013, but as an emerging invasive, we were mostly just interested in ID. 

Have you tried contacting the Montana State University?  Publications saying they were working on herbicide recommendations date back as far as 2011; hopefully they'll have something soon.

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I've been working on a couple of small patches in Keego Harbor in Oakland County with hand removal, with the results of the Lake Minnetonka study in mind, which indicates that really meticulous hand removal can be very effective.

In September 2016 I recorded that I removed 5 large heavy bags from a particular site that also has cattail and other emergent plants. I used a spading fork to loosen the soil. There were a lot of floating bulbils to capture, including old 'nests' of brown ones, and I used a kitchen sieve or colander to capture them. For the same site in 2017 I removed only 1 large bag. However, I did the 2017 work in mid-July. It appeared to me that in mid-July, the viable old bubils had pretty much all sprouted, making them visible and identifiable, but the new bulbils were still small and rather firmly attached to the plants. This resulted in very few floaters to be chased down, reducing the odds of spreading it.  For my practice sites I was really really meticulous about finding every plant, both new and old in 2017. Follow-up visits later in the summer did not reveal any more plants at those sites. 

I'm looking forward to evaluating the results of that effort over the next few weeks.

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Hi all, I know what Leslie's been up to with flowering rush in Oakland County, but have any other CISMAs tried any of the chemical treatments for flowering rush and found them to be effective? We are receiving more reports, including some in ditches near road ways and the edges of lakes/boat launches so just trying to get a better idea of the options. Thanks! Erica

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