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2017 Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP) Training


Event details

In conjunction with the 2017 Michigan Lake and Stream Associations Annual Conference, MiCorps will also be offering training on the lake monitoring techniques used in the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP). All CLMP participants enrolled in a parameter that they have not previously done should try to join us for this training. Depending on the type of monitoring you will be conducting, your attendance at these trainings may be required in order to participate in the program (see below). These trainings are also open to any lake monitors who would like to learn these methods or are interested in a refresher. Pre-registration is required to attend these sessions. Check back for more details later this winter.

Training recommended but not required

Secchi Disk Transparency

Spring or Summer Total Phosphorus

Training required


Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature

Score the Shore (Lakeshore Habitat Assessment)

Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch

Aquatic Plant Mapping

These CLMP training sessions are offered free of charge to all CLMP enrollees; however, participants are responsible for all associated lodging, meals, and travel expenses to attend. Please note: CLMP enrollees who wish to attend the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations Annual Conference sessions must register for the Conference and pay the appropriate registration fees. The Michigan Lake and Stream Associations Annual Conference is a separate event, with a separate registration and fees.


More information and an online registration form for the CLMP training sessions will be available later this winter. Please contact Jean Roth (jroth@mlswa.org, 989-257-3715) with any questions.

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